This is my story

      My blog is about my life and friends, but I want it to be more about fashion. Adjusting it won't come that easy, great amount of time and effort is needed to put in. I'm not one of those people who buys stuff on h&m, asos, top-shop and then shows it off on blogger or travel around the world to see couture of Chanel, Dior etc. Major part of spare time I spend browsing blogs, tumblr and fashion magazines as Vogue, Glamour and that has given me knowledge about trends, designers, and other useful and creative stuff. I feel like an awkward penguin around my friends, because only I am so much into fashion. To name worlds 100 most popular models wouldn't be anything difficult for me. They usually look at me with weird eye when I say I want to be a designer, because all what I do at school is Mathematics, Physics and so on.
    Applying for universities have made me thinking. I want to connect my carrier with design, but also chemistry would be appropriate course to study, because of all knowledge I could get about manufacturing and industries. As it's the time for applying for universities I have to write a motivation letter  and make "portfolios" that I will post later.
     Sorry for grammar mistakes,  I probably should practice my English a lot more!
Thanks for visiting my blog - Andra!


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