Inspiration GG

My favourite character, when I started to watch Gossip Girl was Jenny (Taylor Momsen). Unfortunately she is no longer seen in new episodes, but I like her style anyway! :) I loved how she looked at 2nd season in GG with her short hair, selfmade dresses, and cute hair accessories.

Pretty and reckless.

Serena (Blake Lively) is Celebrity, that shows everywhere her great appearance. The red looks good on her, expecially the red carpet. :)

Short dresses, long legs would describe this picture. Femme Fatale. Aren't they looking great?

And, ofcourse, Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) the rich and snobish girl that wears Chanel, Gucci, Prada and  looks great even in 60's dresses. Love her smile.

This is my personal favourite of Leighton's photos! Love the colour pattern and dotted tights.
Leighton Meester UK Glamour dot stockings
Last, but not least beautiful , Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) a bit wild and romantic girl with a lovely smile.

She looks very slim and tan - Perfect!

Jessica Szohr: Yummy

XOXO Gossip Girl...


Modes Talka

Last saturday was "Modes talka" it is an event where fashion lovers come together and make some new clothes from old ones. I could call it "Fashion recycling" :) I made skirt out of shorts and nice tote bag from long sleeved shirt:


My new collages in polyvore, just click here:
Bite of fashion.

Bite of fashion. by cherry_pop

One Shoulder Dress

I'm in love with one shoulder dresses. Please, buy me one of these:
Grey one shoulder pleat dressone shoulder ruffle corsage dressone shoulder ruffle dressOne Shoulder Organza Balloon Hem Dress GreenLISKA BY THOMAS KIRCHGRABNER One shouldered chiffon dressChloé Silk-blend tulle one-shoulder gown


At the moment.

So bad that weekend is over, I need to finish  lot of school works, but instead I'm checking my recent photos.

 And more facts about me:
Favourite magazines:
Pastaiga (Latvian)

Favourite TV shows:
The Vampire Diaries
Pretty Little Liars
Gossip Girl
Switched at Birth
Lying Game

Favourite movies:
Love me if you dare
and else :)

Little more abot me.

I decided to write some facts about me
1.Hair colour : Dark blonde
2.Eye colour: Blue
3.17 years old
4.Living in Riga, Latvia
5.Studing in Riga State Gymnasium No.1
6.In spare time visiting model school, drawing lessons
7.Love to make photos, collages and read magazines
8.Fashion addict!

And here is my last collage that I made with my friend Anny:
 And this is me, Anny and our great friend Tobis


Hello everyone! Finaly I have made this blog so you will see a bit of my life, inspiration and fashion.