AP Degree – Admission Assignment – August 2012 

My name is Andra Marta Krēsliņa, I'm from Latvia. I'm applicant for studies in TEKO international programmes.

Specialising in "Design - Fashion"

Assignment No. 1

Assignment No. 2


1. Pure silk dress. Featuring a round, embellished neckline, a high, fitted waist, a cut out design and concealed zip closure on the back,  three part skirt with a dipped maxi lenght to reverse and a contrast lining.


2. Pure silk dress. Featuring a corset style top, a zip fastening to reverse, fitted waist and a petal style skirt. 

3. Chiffon top. Pleated front, wide sleeves, cut out design on the back.
High waisted trousers. Fitted waist with concealed closure and zip fastening, two pockets to reverse. Material - pure cotton.

4. Fitted chiffon shirt, featuring a large point collar, a concealed button through front with a contrast placket, pleats, long sleeves with contrast cuffs.
Draped skirt, featuring fitted waist, zip closure to reverse. Material - pure cotton.

Assignment No. 3

I have studied in a mathematical orientated school for three years and taken extra lessons in chemistry, economy and more. Those lessons have developed my calculating and analytical skills. Twice a week I attend drawing courses where rational ways of doing things are required. On an ongoing basis, I also work on abstract thinking skills. I have finished modeling training school and qualified as a clothing demonstrator. I enjoyed both the practical and theoretical lessons about fashion, catwalk, and etiquette. This 18-month course taught me to be disciplined and more confident and to concentrate in difficult situations. Plus, I had a chance to work with designers and take a look into world of organizing the fashion week.  Fitting in all these activities together with completing secondary school has trained me to be very flexible, creative and determined.
I expect to use TECO, VIA UC course to acquire knowledge of trends, materials and product development, also to gain skills in preparing graphic and visual material as well as presenting. I'm interested in both chemistry and design and I think that combining what I know and will learn in studies will make me suitable to put up my own business or work in a textile design area.

Specialising in "Retail Design & Management"


1. I'm an excellent student, who takes possibilities of life and enjoy it. I have achievements in such sciences as mathematics, physics, chemistry and accomplishments in design and fashion. I'm active, open-minded and eager to study abroad and get an education to fulfil my dreams.

2. I have chosen an education programme in Retail design and management, because I'm interested in trends, design and management. I have taken extra lessons in mathematics and economy, to learn the basis of business. I would like to gain experience of analysing the market, so that one day I could own a shop and sell my designs.

3. Words that describes me the best:
  • Result-oriented
  • Maintain focus - even in stressful situations
  • Ability to establish trust 
  • Ability or desire to express yourself visually
4. I'm result orientated, every small job that I take I do with responsibility and intention to finish it and gain success. For example, I have finished modeling training school and qualified as a clothing demonstrator. This course also taught me to be disciplined and to maintain focus even in stressful situations, like on catwalks. In contact with people I try establish trust, I could mention that I have good relationships with designers, that I met while working as a model. Recently I started sewing courses and designing clothes, that's because I tend to stand out of crowd and express myself visually.

5. After 5 years I will be still studying, have had experience of management and working in fashion area. I will be in the way of realizing my dream - to own a shop where I sell my designs.


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